The Morrison Kids-Christmas 2012!

Seven years ago in 2005 all of us Morrison Kids got together and with our children took some pictures to give to Mom & Dad for Christmas. We hired a photographer and headed to Freestone Park in Gilbert.
Left to Right, Back Row: Amber (Slusher) Morrison, Robert (Boog) Morrison III, Robin (Morrison) Mullins, Jared Kitch, Vanessa (Morrison) Kitch
Front Row: Dylan Mullins, Hollie Mullins, Kaitlin Slusher, Alex Morrison (baby), Eli Kitch, Walker Kitch
Well 7 years is a long time and there have been 2 more additions to the family since then!! So I called everyone again and we got together yesterday to capture our families at this time in our lives to surprise Mom & Dad again this year. We met at the Riparian Preserve in Gilbert and this time I was the photographer. 🙂
So if you are reading this don’t blow our secret and help keep it a surprise!! 😀
Left to Right, Back Row: Dylan Mullins, Robert (Boog) Morrison III, Robin (Morrison) Mullins, Jared Kitch, Amber (Slusher) Morrison, Vanessa (Morrison) Kitch
Middle Row: Walker Kitch, Eli Kitch, Kaitlin Slusher, Hollie Mullins
Front Row: Alex Morrison, and our two newest additions that really aren’t ‘that’ new..LOL…Alayna Kitch, and Isaak Morrison
It was a bit of a challenge getting so many people to smile and look at the camera all at the same time but I’d say I was pretty successful! 🙂 
I can’t wait for Christmas when Mom & Dad open their gift! They are going to be SO surprised. They don’t even know that I snuck into their house like a super-spy and grabbed the picture frames with the old photos in it while they were out shopping one afternoon. Since their move they haven’t hung up any of their pictures yet so this will be a great house warming gift as well! 😀 

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