Walker’s 12th Birthday Party!

It happened…we officially have a Pre-teen in our house!! I almost can’t wrap my brain around it. I mean..I’m only 25..how can Walker possibly be 12!?! LOL!!

To ring in the new milestone Walker invited 2 of his close buddies for a small bday hang out, be cool, and chillax party! 😛

Nelson got him cash…always a winner…as you can see by Walker’s expression!! LOL!

Chase made his gift a little bit of a challenge…..

Several wrappings and layers later….

A few more wrappings and layers….

Ah ha!! He got to the goods! 😛

Ta da! Magic Cards are the hottest and raddest thing going on in our house this summer.

Walker loves pie…he requested strawberry rhubarb and blueberry (blueberry is his standard request). It was a low key simple party but he had a GREAT time! They pigged out on tons and I mean TONS of pizza, soda, pie, ice cream, fresh homemade pretzels compliments of Jared, and popcorn. They played some games and watched a movie. It was a great party!!! 😀

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