“The Encounter”

As you may already know, Walker joined drama club this year. He did a great job with the production they put on a few months ago. About a month or two after they wrapped up their performance, one of the mothers of another drama club member, informed the drama club teacher, she had a friend who was casting for a film she was making. The film was actually being made as an entry for a competition put on by Child’s Play Theater here in Phoenix. 

The drama club teacher sent out an email to all the students in the club and Walker jumped at the chance to take part in it!

The name of the film was “The Encounter”, by Laurie A. Bell. 

We contacted Laurie and after getting a photo of Walker with his name, age, height, etc. she gave us the good news, and told us she would be happy to have him be apart of her movie! 🙂

She had all of the cast members meet at a park near her home in Glendale where she and her team shot the film. It was a LOOONG day of shooting. Each movie for the competition  had to be 5 min. long from black to black. I had no idea it took so long to get 5 min. of film! LOL!

It was really neat to see the process of how a movie is made. Walker absolutely LOVED every minute of it! 
Thursday night the films were played at the Pollack Theater in Tempe. Tickets were $10.00 and $1.00 from each ticket sale went to The Phoenix Children’s Hospital. 

The reaction from the audience was fantastic! Everyone thought it was funny and entertaining. The film took 2nd place!!!! We are so proud of Walker and everyone that was apart of this production. It was certainly a memorable experience! 😀

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