Daughters of My Kingdom

About a week ago I was contacted by the Stake Relief Society. Here is what the letter said: 
Sister Kitch,
On March 29, 2012 our stake is having a Relief Society Birthday Celebration. You have been prayerfully chosen to participate in the program. We are having three sisters read and study about a particular sister from the “Daughters of My Kingdom” book. We are asking you to tell a story from your own life that relates in some way to the sisters story in the book.”

As you can imagine I was shocked and not expecting this at all. Things have been really crazy around here lately and I have to admit my spirituality has been lacking. However, Sister Layton confirmed to me that each of the sisters that were asked to participate were not chosen lightly. She said it has been several months of prayer, fasting, and temple attendance over the names they felt should be apart of this event. 
No pressure right!?! LOL!
She told me it was confirmed not only to her, but to all of the women on the committee. 
I accepted the invitation and immediately began to pray. This experience was nerve wracking yet peaceful at the same time. I’m not a great public speaker. I get EXTREMELY nervous! However, I was not nervous over what I was going to say. Sure I went through about 10 drafts before I felt it was the way the Lord wanted it, but I knew this message was His, and I was at complete peace with it. 
The entire night was beautiful!!! The food, music, messages, speakers, everything from beginning to end was Spirit filled. I felt blessed to be apart of such an amazing evening.

Below is the talk I gave:

When the prophet called Sis. Louise Y. Robison to serve in the
General Relief Society President, she felt very inadequate. She lived her life on a simple
farm-working, sewing, cooking and living cheerfully on very little. She did not
have wealth, a large position of influence, or formal education. She thought
that Pres. Grant had been misinformed about her abilities. She even told him,
“I am just a humble woman.”
The prophet’s reply to her was, “Sister Louisy, 85% of the women
of our church are humble women. We are calling you to be the leader of them.”
She served with her full heart. Looking back, she was the
perfect leader to guide women through the Great Depression.”
I had a very similar experience as Sister Louisy. I am a convert
to the Church. I was baptized when I was 11 years old and I’m the only active
member in my family. A couple of years ago I was called to the Relief Society Presidency.
When I was offered the calling I too was in disbelief. I hadn’t had much
experience with Relief Society, I wasn’t one of the lucky girls that had a mother to show me
what Relief Society was all about or talk to if I had a question about something. In
fact, by the time I was of age to attend 
Relief Society I became inactive for about 5
years. Relief Society actually scared me. I didn’t feel like I fit in and so I stopped
coming to church. So when I go this calling, I really didn’t know what was
expected of me, and more than that, what qualified me to lead, watch over, and
be an ‘example’ to the women in our ward. I struggled with feelings of
inadequacy and worry. I felt I had bigger shoes to fill than I was capable of.
I would pray, occasionally express my concern to my patient husband, and pray
some more.
During this time I found this scripture to be of great comfort
and help to me:
D&C 123:17 “ Therefore, dearly beloved brethren
(sisters), let us cheerfully do all things that lie in our power; and then may
we stand still, with the utmost assurance, to see the salvation of God, and for
his arm to be revealed.”
Looking back I can see through serving in that calling I gained
a strength that I wouldn’t have otherwise. The Lord saw something in me that I did
not. His purposes aren’t always clear to us, but if we do everything in our
power, having faith in His will, He will bless and edify us to rise up to His
mission for us. By serving the women in my ward, my testimony of Relief Society grew
tremendously as I observed acts of kindness, love, and compassion. On one
occasion our 
Relief Society came to find out about a non-member woman who lived in our
ward boundaries that they didn’t know, but were informed her mother passed
away. Without question or hesitation they rallied around her and jumped at the
chance to do whatever they could to help. There were countless meals brought to
families in need without even being asked, visiting teachers that were stellar
examples of unconditional love, and forgiveness towards a stumbling 2
counselor who was trying to find her way.
I feel so fortunate and grateful to be a part of this amazing
Heavenly Father knew in 1842 what his daughters needed
when he authorized the Prophet Joseph Smith to organize the Relief Society. 
We are the Lord’s hands on this earth…… I LOVE Relief Society….
I say these things in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.


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