Rome ‘Was’ Built in a Day!!

Walker has been studying Rome in school and they had a big final project due this week. They were given a list of buildings they could make and he chose The Circus Maximus! 
I admit this week was really crazy and we unfortunately procrastinated. We were up late finishing this the night before it was due. I do NOT recommend trying to build Rome in a day..but just know that it can be done! LOL!!

For each structure the students made, there was a list of things that had to be included for their grade. The center barrier or spina had pillars at each end around which charioteers had to maneuver around carefully. The pillars or spires towards the Arch of Titus were called Meta Prima. The ones near the Starting Gate were called Meta Secunda.

Chariot Racer.
Although most Roman charioteers (called aurigae or agitatores) began their careers as slaves, those who were successful soon accumulated enough money to buy their freedom.

Egg Lap Marker.
This was used to keep track of the laps the racers completed. As they finished each lap an egg would drop down. 

 On the other end of the track they had dolphin markers count the laps as well. The dolphins would tilt forward as each lap was completed.


The Royal Seating….pretty self explanatory. 😛

The Arch of Titus.

The Starting Gates.

Another part of the requirement was to make the building curved and to show the bleacher seating used in the original structure.
Outside of the Circus Maximus.

One kid happy to have it finished on time!!! 😛 LOL!

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