Happy 100th Birthday Arizona!!

Eli had his 3rd grade music program today. It was called “Arizona Centennial Celebration”. 

Apologies for the poor photos..I took them on my video camera. 😛

The 3rd graders performed music all about Arizona and her history. They had a guest speaker, Gilbert’s former Mayor Dale Hollack, who spoke to the children about the history of the town they live in and had a slide show of Gilbert “Then” and “Now”. The kids went crazy over seeing the changes our town has gone through over the years. It was pretty neat! 🙂 

Not only did Eli get to perform, Walker was asked to be apart of the band that accompanied the program. He was on percussion, playing some mad cow bell action!! 😀 

Since it was like a family affair, I thought I’d throw in a picture of Alayna too! 😛

Happy Valentine’s Day and Happy Birthday Arizona! 

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