Boys’ 1st Day of School

Here we are again!! Another school year had begun!
We had a great Summer, but it’s back to routines, homework, and poster board projects! 🙂
Walker is in the 6th grade this year! It’s blowing my mind that this is his last year of Elementary School. He’s becoming such an amazing young man. I am so proud of him! 🙂 He has Mrs. Anderson as his home room teacher and a new ALP teacher Mrs. Powell. Both seem to be really good teachers, which we are ready for after a ‘rocky’ year last year.
Eli is in the 3rd grade, and he’s really happy with his teacher Mrs. Della Cerra. He knows everyone in his class this year. He’s so funny to watch around his friends. He’s really developed a new self confidence recently and he struts around like ‘The Man on Campus’. LOL!!

I have a good feeling about this year! 🙂


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