Disney Day 4…Merfolk and Storm Troopers!!

We did our best to get to the park bright and early! We wanted to make sure we got to everything we needed to before we had to leave the next day.

We walked out of the hotel straight into Downtown Disney, and snapped a few pictures along the way. Did I mention the Grand Californian Hotel also has a Downtown Disney entrance?! SWEET!

Walker took this pic of us. Not too shabby! 🙂

Banners promoting their summer offerings. 🙂

We’ve never actually walked through this store until this trip. It’s HUGE! When they say World of Disney..they are not kidding!
Once we entered the Park we had to make sure we met Rapunzel. Alayna has been dying to meet her. However, so is every other little girl and the line was an hour long. The boys went on Splash Mountain while she and I waited in line. They got back just minutes before it was our turn to go in. Alayna was at her limit by the end but she was SO excited once they let us go inside! 🙂

She’s trying to be so patient. 😛

Drum roll……….

She couldn’t believe her sweet little eyes when she saw her. She said, “It’s her! I see her! And her hair is soooo long!” 🙂 It was precious!

I thought she was a great face character. She was very pretty. 🙂

The brothers didn’t want to lose out on the fun…..lol!

Walker is so funny…he gets very shy and nervous around the Princesses. He stands about 10 feet away from them when they talk to him until they grab and pull him in for the photo op! LOL!!! 😛
I was a little sad however, that Flynn Rider wasn’t there with her that day.

We were starting to get hungry and we wanted to try out Carnation Cafe to mark another ‘to do’ off of our list. 🙂
The food was pretty good but our favorite part was dessert. We ordered The Matterhorn!!! It is four scoops of vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry, topped with caramel, hot fudge, and strawberry, then piled high with whipped cream and a cherry. YUM!!!!!!!!!!
Our next ‘to do’ attraction was the movie house. They have several vignettes playing different old cartoons of Mickey Mouse. It’s very small in there but it was neat to see some of the classics. 🙂 It was also a great place to get away from some of the hustle of all the crowds.

The kids were itching to get some pool time in so we walked back to the hotel. The boys had been wanting to ride Grizzly River Rapids so they got in their suits and headed over there and Alayna and I went down to the pool where they caught up with us later.

Nice..huh?! 😀

They have a nifty water slide too!

View from the pool looking towards the wing where our room was at.

We spent a good couple of hours swimming to our hearts content. Alayna was a little upset about the salt water they used in the pools. She said it was gross…lol! I told her to stop drinking the pool water! Hahaha!

The kids had an amazing time!

It was wonderful to have a break during the middle of the day and be able to get back to the Park so easily when we were ready to. Have I mentioned how AWESOME the Grand Californian Hotel is? 😛

We love the Aladdin Show. It’s a MUST everytime we go.

I’d pay $30-$40 to see it, but it’s FREE with Park admission!! It’s a wonderful production! If you’ve never seen it you really should! 🙂

Eli loves Autopia so we rode that next. We got about 1/4 mile down the track and a poor 8 year old boy was driving with his mom and he turned the wheel right when he should have turned left and well……

He launched the car off the track and into the bushes!!!! In all the years we’ve gone to Disney I’ve never seen a car launch off the track like that!

Everyone was fine thankfully, but they had to evacuate the attraction. The ‘suits’ came out and then everyone was ushered out by Cast Members. We had to sit and wait for them to bring me my wheel chair. We were the very last ones out. 😛

For our inconvenience they gave us a fastpass. Since we had the wheel chair it basically was a fastpass so we found a family and gave it to them. 🙂 It was fun to spread some ‘magic’!
Disneyland just opened a new attraction, The Little Mermaid, in California Adventure.
The building is pretty cool looking. DCA has been in need of some of that magic that Disneyland is famous for. It has been a struggling Park since it opened about 10 years ago. This ride is definitely a step in the right direction.

How many wonders can one cavern hold? 🙂

Animatronics have come such a long way. The way Ariel and Ursula moved was unlike anything I had seen before. It was really cool!

All of the most popular songs were played through out the ride.

It was great to see Disney going back to their roots and putting in classic style rides for the whole family to enjoy! 🙂

The much anticipated Star Tours ride re-opened this weekend at Disneyland Park. They shot new film with George Lucas and it has over 50 different ride combinations. So the big draw is to try to ride as many times as you can to get all the different combos. Pretty clever!

We rode this ride 3 different times of day on 3 seperate days and guess what…..yup, it was the SAME everytime!! Now what are the odds of that??? We have the strangest luck! LOL!!! Jared is still cursing that ride. Hahaha!

They even have souviner popcorn R2-D2.

And plenty of any other type of Star Tours souvenirs you’d like to take home! 🙂
Later that night we went to see World of Color. We went to the 10:15pm showing. Walker was beat so he went back to the hotel room and Alayna fell asleep in my lap. Eli was determined to stay up and watch it though. He was excited to to see it again. I highly reccomend seeing it. One of the neat things about this show is that it’s easily updated. We saw it just this past Christmas and it had several new sections added to it already. It’s pretty impressive what they can do with a bit of water. 😛

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