Joy School Graduation!!!

Today was our Joy School graduation ceremony!

The girls did a FANTASTIC job! They sang 3 songs that they worked very hard to learn, and every single one of them participated and did an amazing job. I’m soooo proud of each one of them!

After they sang their little hearts out, I have to admit I started tearing up! It caught me by surprise but my heart was so full!

Then, the BIG moment came. Each girls’ name was called and they marched in to the ceremonial music of ‘Pomp and Circumstance’. Look at that adorable face!!

They received their diplomas and a big hug from me! 😀

They were proud of themselves…and I certainly was proud of them too!!

I made each girl a little yearbook with pictures of the different activities we’ve done throughout the year. It was a hit! Alayna is showing Grandma all the fun she’s had this year! 😀

We’ve had a great time together!! It has been such a Joy to work with these 4 little ladies! 🙂 I am especially proud of our sweet little Alayna. She has grown and learned so much. I’m amazed at her ability to pick up concepts so quickly and memorize material in such short amounts of time. She loves to learn and tells me often that her favorite part of school is making projects. I’ve cherished spending this time with her and learning more about her and her lovable, quirky, joyful, and silly, personality. Joy School is such a blessing to our family and I’m so happy that I’ve had the opportunity to teach all 3 of my children. I will always be thankful for this precious time with my little ones! 😀

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