A Soggy Disneyland Christmas

I really did try to make it through the rest of the year with out going to Disneyland again..but our friends the Riedlinger’s mentioned they were going to go for Christmas which got my wheels turning, and then our other friends the Campbell’s mentioned their kids have never been and they’ve been wanting to take them. One thing lead to another and well, you guessed it…we went to Disneyland!!

Well..we didn’t actually go for Christmas. It’s far to crowded and expensive to go Christmas week so we went the week before. 🙂 It’s still just as beautiful and lovely without all the other stuff.

We left Thursday morning and came back Sunday night. It was a crazy and wild 4 days!

As you can see Alayna was very creative during the long car ride!! LOL!

We got into Anaheim in the late afternoon. By the time we got to the park it was after 4pm. I also MUST mention that I bought annual passes this time. I crunched the numbers and found that if we go twice in one year, which we usually do, it’s actually cheaper than paying two separate times. Plus, we get free parking and discounts on merchandise and food!!! I was sooo excited!!

Once we got our pictures taken and received our passes we found the Campbell’s who had been there all day. We chatted a bit and then headed over to Fantasyland to ride the carousel.

Alayna was dying to ride It’s a Small World next so we headed over there. We waited in line wondering why the building wasn’t lit. We knew it was decked out for Christmas and so we were thinking maybe they had an electrical issue. The next thing we knew the announcer came over the speaker and the entire building lit up like noon day!! It was really impressive to see. Pictures just can’t capture exactly what it was like to be there in person.

It was just as beautiful inside!! 🙂

Unfortunately, I think the car ride, snacks, and excitement caught up with Alayna afterwards..She ended up getting sick and it wasn’t pretty. Once she was all cleaned up however, she seemed to be just fine and we were off to see the Princesses!

It was pretty funny…Walker and Eli try to be ‘tough guys’ but they were excited to see the Princesses too!! 😛

Tyler and Walker are ladies men! ;P

We saw World of Color for the first time that night too. It was a good. It had some cool effects but I still think that Wishes the fireworks show is still by far my favorite.

The next morning we arrived pretty early. It helps that California falls back an hour from AZ time! 😛

My feeble attempt to take a decent picture of my children…

They have a giant 60 ft. Christmas tree on Main St.!!

We mozied our way over to see Santa’s reindeer and to snap a photo with Pluto!

It was right after this that it started to rain on our trip…..and then never stopped…..

Tinkerbell and Terence thought her blue poncho was quite lovely! 😛

We played and rode rides and got soaked to the bone. Then it was time to eat at my favorite place Cafe Orleans! MMMM!!

Alayna and I got Birthday Buttons since we both have December birthdays. Everyone wishes you a Happy Birthday and it makes you feel pretty special. Our waiter noticed our buttons and came back with a special dessert for us to share. It was really neat!! 😀 We love beignets!!!

We made our way back over to DCA for some of our favorite rides..This photo op is always fun for the kids! I love Walker’s toy hands! LOL! 😛

California Screamin is Eli’s favorite ride so the men all went to ride that one together. You can’t see Walker. He’s sitting next to Jared with his head down. He said it was really intense!! LOL! He’d never ridden it before this trip. I was proud of him for trying it. He said it’s his new favorite too.
I love Eli’s face he looks so tense..Hahahaha! He’s sitting next to Dave Campbell. 🙂

Alayna also had a first of her own. She was tall enough to ride Tower of Terror and me being the ‘mean’ mom I am put her on the ride. She was leery but did great!! It wasn’t until the ride ended she started to cry and said she didn’t want to ride the elevator ride anymore!! 😛 LOL!
I only make the kids try something once then it’s up to them to decide if they want to do it again. I was happy she was willing to try it. I think every person on the ride thought I was out of my mind for putting her on there. You can see in the picture that Jared is trying to see if she was ok! 😛

This is the last picture we took. It basically sums up the way we spent out trip….wet! LOL! I didn’t take very many pics this time. I was worried it would ruin my camera. We had a great time with great friends. We will be back soon in hopefully drier conditions. 😛 Now that we have annual passes it will be hard to keep us away!


  • Bonita

    You are an amazing mother Vanessa! Maybe it's partly because you are still an amazing kid at heart. I need more bling. I'm going to start wearing earrings on my nostrils. Just another form of noserings.

  • Jill Ison

    that its a small world ride all lit up was magnificent in the photo so yeah im sure it was even better in person! glad to see you still having fun at disneyland. one of these days we will make it during the holiday season. hope you guys have a merry christmas! love you!


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