Sweet Ride!

Fall has FINALLY arrived, and with it, our family evening walks have returned! I love this time of year it is beautiful outside!! 🙂

Alayna has been trying to ride her little tricycle but it’s so small she’s exhausted 1/2 way through, and I end up carrying it the rest of the way home, which really isn’t all that much fun. lol!

It also sorta stinks that her birthday is 2 days before Christmas cuz that leaves only 1 time a year to get things she would like to have. So……I decided to get her an early b-day present.

She couldn’t have been more “Exciting”, as she says!! LOL!!!

It even has a super nifty bell she likes to ring and ring and ring! 😛

She feels so special getting a big girl bike. As were walking out of the store she was telling everyone it was for her birthday and announcing, “It’s for me…the birthday girl!!! ” To everyone we passed. She cracks me up! 🙂

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