A Joyful Halloween Party

We had our Joy School Halloween Party on Wednesday. It was a lot of fun! I was a witch and Alayna was a Candy Corn Witch..well for a while..

You see…Jeilissa and Charity came as Cinderella (coincidentally) And well..she couldn’t be the only one not dressed as the beautiful Princess!

Here is our school picture! 😛

We had a blast decorating cookies, painting pumpkins, singing “I’m a Mean Old Witch”, Trick-or-Treating, eating Halloween snacks, reading Halloween stories, making edible witch hats, and carving a pumpkin, so we could see what the seeds looked like, since we are learning about the ‘Joy of Earth’ this month! 😀

(Note Alayna’s 3rd costume change..under the Spiderman shirt is a Spider Witch Costume! The Cinderella dress was too itchy she said. LOL!! 😛 )

Mary-Ashley joined us a little later. 🙂

I’d say the party was a success! 😛

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