The Adventure Continues…

Tuesday, July 27th

Our last day…..

We hadn’t made our way to upper New York area so that’s what we did for our last day. It took us up and around the Upper West Side, Morningside Heights, Harlem, East Harlem, Upper East Side and Midtown East. We saw where John Lennon was shot in Strawberry Fields..sorry no picture. 🙁 We were on a very crowded bus and we had to sit at the bottom where it was impossible to get a clear shot. I was very sad….

Our next stop was the Museum of Natural History.

Under construction…The Museum is very pretty but you can’t tell with the tarps covering it.

This is one BIG dinosaur!

They had room after room of dinosaurs. The kids would have LOVED to see this place. Not to mention it was the biggest museum we’d ever been to. It would easily take an entire day to see all the exhibits.

Have I mentioned that I love our flag?

This flag was from The Gobi Desert Expedition from 1920.

This was a view of Central Park and Manhattan from one of the Museum’s sitting areas. Gorgeous!

We didn’t have very much time to see everything we wanted to on the last day. So we had to move quickly. We probably only saw 1/4 of the Museum before we had to go.

Waiting at the bus stop for the tour bus…killing some time. 🙂

We stayed on the tour bus to take in as many sights as we could. I absolutely fell in love with this church. It was massive, ornate, and just made my jaw drop!

Our tour guide on this last trip had tons of stories to tell..personal stories about family and friends…about 9/11. Some were very graphic and I’ll spare you the details. However, they were very moving and gripping.

He took this picture of us…cheese! 🙂

We got to see Harlem and the Appollo Theatre.

The Guggenheim. I wish we would have had more time to see it.

This is the apartment building Jackie O’Nassis lived and died.

This ornate window shows which apartment was hers.

We got off the bus at Central Park on the upper east side. We got directions (so we thought) from the tour guide so we could have lunch at Serendipity…I’d heard wonderful things about that restaurant and wanted to try their famous Frozen Hot Chocolate.

We walked about 10 blocks out of the way to walk 10 blocks back to pretty much where we started before we found it.

Note to self: Ask more than one person for directions.
We got there and the wait was an hour and we had wasted so much time finding the place we didn’t have enough time. We ended up eating at a restaurant on the corner. It was actually really good. They had a yummy creme’ brule’ and realized it was right across the street from Dylan’s Candy Bar that’s we’ve seen on Food Network several times! 🙂
We had to hurry back to the hotel and made it just in time for our late check out at 4:30. We ran up to our room threw everything in our suitcases and met our ‘complimentary’ Mercedes Town Car out front! 🙂 It was worth being stuck in the elevator for an hour to not have to worry about how we were going to get back to the airport…and doing it ‘style’ was even better!!! 😀

It was a very nice ride. 😛

Our adventure of course didn’t stop there. We went to check in for our flight and the computer popped up and said our flight has been delayed 3 HOURS!!! UGH!

Things that went through our minds:
1) Next time, check your flight before you leave the hotel.
2) 3 hours….we totally would have had time to eat at Serendipity…and do a few more things we wanted to do.
3)What in the world are we going to do for 3 hrs. at the airport?? Sit and wait..that all you can do.
4) Didn’t we say we were never going to fly a red-eye again????

Thankfully Jared is a computer savvy guy and he had some movies and TV shows on his computer and Zen for us to watch to help pass the time. In a way it was nice to just sit and visit without rushing off to our next destination.
New York was an amazing way to spend our anniversary. We hadn’t ever done anything like this before. Making time for each other is so important. I feel like we are newly weds again! Our goal is to not wait another 13 years! 😀


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