Jared’s parents always send the cutest gifts for the kids at the holidays. This year they sent Bunny Cards for each of the kids, a Highlights magazine, and the biggest hit of all… a dozen plastic Easter eggs. Each egg was numbered 1-12 and had a symbolic meaning of things we should remember about the true meaning of Easter. The kids and I had a great time going through each one and talking about how each fit into the story of what Christ did for every one of us here on Earth. It made for a great Family Home Evening Lesson!

We celebrated Easter at Mom and Dad’s house this year. The weather has been so beautiful lately. We had lunch and then the kids were anxious to go outside and hunt for Easter eggs!!!!

Alayna is thoughtfully explaining to Isaak how this ‘hunting’ business works. 🙂

On your mark..get set…go!!! Then they were off!!!

Daddy helping Alayna to find some missed treasure. 🙂

What Easter celebration is complete with out a pinata??? LOL!!
(Grandma is awesome!)

I’m not sure who is beating who here! 😛

Mom and Robin watching the kids…

Handsome isn’t he??? I know…I’m a lucky gal! 😀

After all the kids had a turn, Hollie gave it her best shot! Look at Kaitlin…she looks afraid for her life!!!! Hahahahaha!!!! 😀

Her crown of victory!

Easter eggs, and candy are pretty great…but bubbles….bubbles are where it’s at!!

Mmmmm…soapy! LOL!
Happy Easter!


  • Unknown

    Vanessa, thank you so much for sharing such great times with your family. It makes us feel included though we are far away. So happy you liked the eggs. Wish we could have helped poor little Alayna beat that pinata to death!!
    Love to you and that sweet family,
    Mom and Pop

  • Anonymous

    It looks like you got your comment thing fixed!! 😀 I'm so glad you enjoy the blog…It's fun to journal about our family and be able to share it with everyone close and far away. Alayna and the pinata was pretty funny. 😛 We sure miss you guys!

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