A Bear!! A Bear!!!

It was a big night for Walker last night….

He earned his Bear Award in Cub Scouts. But before they would hand it over…he had to wrestle a ‘Bear’ for it. 😛

Jared was given the honor of ‘Bear’…LOL!!

As shy as Jared can be sometimes, he was in rare form last night and was one with his inner wild animal! It was so fun to watch!

Walker was apprehensive of what was going on. They kept it very secretive…you can see the suspense on his face! 😛

Once they brought Walker close enough to the “den” Jared …I mean the Bear tried his hardest to get the best of him.

It was the funniest thing I’ve seen in a while! They both had a blast rolling around trying to wrestle each other to the ground..LOL! 😛

In the end Walker bested the beast and was awarded his Bear Badge! 😀

Congratulations Son!

But wait…the fun of course didn’t stop there. Walker’s den put on a skit. Sometimes these skits are pretty cheezy, but tonight they had a winner!

The Skit:
They pretend to open a cooler and one of the boys says, “We are almost out of meat.”
Another boys says, “Let’s go get some deer.”
They go out and find a deer and bring it back to camp.
Then everyone says, “Nice deer. How did you find it?”
The boys that captured the deer say,” We followed the tracks.”
Then some boys say, “Some rabbit would really go nice with that deer.” So they leave to find some rabbit. Shortly after they return with the rabbit.
Then the group says, “Nice rabbit. How did you find it?”
They boys say,”We followed the tracks.”
The boys say,”Some opossum would go good with that rabbit. Let’s go get some.” So those boys leave to find some opossum.
When they return with the opossum. The boys say,”Nice opossum. How did you find it?”
They reply, “We followed the tracks.”
Then Walker says,” Some squirrel would really add flavor. I’ll go get some.” So he leaves to find the squirrel.
He’s gone for a while and we are all wondering what’s going on. He returns….

Limping in with his head down (and trying to keep a straight face.)

The group asks,”What happened to you?”

Walker replies,”I followed the tracks and I got hit by a train!!” Hahahahahahaha!!!!!

Now granted this is still corny but trust me, it was by far the best one they’ve ever done. I’m not sure if this is as funny reading it, as it was watching it. When they were finished the audience burst into laughter. It was soo cute! 😀


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