I look forward to the changing of the seasons. I know AZ doesn’t have quite the dramatic difference in seasons as some other areas around the country, but it’s all I’ve ever known, and there ‘are’ changes believe it or not! 😛

The kids and I went hiking during Spring Break on South Mountain with some friends. The mountain is usually pretty brown and desert like, but on our hike everything was green and the cacti had blossoms!! 🙂

Later that same week we took a walk around White Fence Farms (the neighborhood right next to our subdivision) we take walks/bike rides over there a lot. The kids love to see the animals and I swear it’s about 10 degrees cooler over there…lol!
As we were getting in some much needed out-door time we came across these little wild beauties! I had to photograph them…they were so colorful and just aching for someone to say hello!!

Welcome Spring!!!!! 😀


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