Feeling the Call

I’m starting to feel the ‘Call’…

I want to find a way that I can help my family by bringing in extra income. I have several ideas that have potential, but I’m struggling with logistics over each.
I guess that just means I need to pray over them more. I’ll keep you posted…


  • Rachel

    I vote for the one that takes the least cash up front. And takes the least time. I'm curious what they are, but can sort of guess, if your pictures are any clue! Keep us posted!

  • Anonymous

    Meredith..I was actually just looking at that yesterday. I don't know a whole lot about etsy but know of people who use them. I was looking at handmade towels (of course not as cute as mine..hahaha) and they were selling for 35.00. What do you guys think? Is etsy worth it? is 35.00 a good price point for my towels? thoughts??

  • Katie

    I'm cheap so I would never pay that much for a towel, no matter how cute it is! But obviously there are people out there who would. Maybe even if you priced it like $5.00 cheaper to be "competitive" it would be worth it. I think you should totally do something with cake decorating. You are really, really talented. Like really! That is something I WOULD pay good money for.

  • ~DeAnn

    Wow! I just spent a lot of time catching up on your blog. I can't believe that's a cake on the right! It's gorgeous!! With all the shindigs people have, word of mouth is great advertising for beautiful cakes like that. You could put together a little cake tasting party with pictures out of cakes you've made in the past and pass around your business cards to friends and family who come to taste the goods. Az long as you price competitively and it doesn't take you a whole week to make a cake, I think that's a great idea. I'd recommend you.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks DeAnn! 🙂 A cake business would be fun..they are the most time consuming of the options I'm mulling over. That's a great idea about the cake tasting though. If you ever want to reccommend me I'll be happy to take some word of mouth customers! 😛
    BTW-You are VERY creative. That diaper cake you made me for Alayna's shower was adorable! 🙂

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