Homesick… :P

I came across this photo while reading one of my Disney blog sites….There are times I see a photo and “WISH” I was the one behind the camera taking the shot.

This is one of them!!!

There is sooo much to love about this photograph. However, it makes me feel “homesick”…LOL. Can you tell that I’m going to have a hard time with my New Year’s Resolution??


  • Katie

    You are too funny. It's looking like we might get to go there in April with Ben's parents so that should hopefully make up for the trip we missed in October, but I still want to go with you sometime!

  • Anonymous

    I'm glad you guys will be able to finally go. Disneyland will be doing a lot of refurb's until about mid-May..If you can, I'd try to wait another month or so. :)Make sure you take lots of pics for me! 😛 It's gonna be tough not going this yr….

  • Katie

    The reason we would go in April is Ben's dad has a conference in Anaheim so his mom is thinking she'll tag along with Ben's two youngest siblings (ages 5 & 8) and fly us down to join them. Crossing our fingers that it actually happens!

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