Kandid Memories

Jared and I use to make Memory DVD’s as a side business a few years back. Unfortunately, between our “real” jobs and everything in between, it fell to the wayside.

However, for Mother’s Day I was trying to think of what to get for my Mom, and the idea hit me to make her her own Memory DVD. It’s strange to think all this time has gone by and I’ve never made her one.

I thought of the idea for doing this for her late. I made it in 2 days and I wish I would have had more time to polish it…but I think it turned out well. She cried, I cried..I think that’s about all you can ask right? 😛

Let me warn you, blogger doesn’t let me upload this in very high quality. It really does look better than this, but I thought I’d share it anyway! 😛



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