Digital Baby!

So…I’ve been working during nap times and late nights to get all of our old school pictures scanned into the computer so that we could have them digitally on file. Pictures are soooo much easier to find when they are organized. When I was putting my Mom’s DVD together it was difficult to locate all the pics I had because they were everywhere! I unfortunately came across a few I wished I would have known about cuz they were awesome..but I can’t beat myself up over it now. ..sigh. 🙁

But now we are all digital BABY!! And it feels OH SO GOOD! I have everything in folders by year, date, event, etc. I L-O-V-E ..LOVE it!

I highly recommend it for everyone. It does take time. If you don’t have time, their are places that will do it for you. I’m not sure how much that would run you though. Just take it nice and slow and you will get it done. I have O.C.D. and therefore was able to do it in about a week. Like I said, you don’t have to be neurotic like me..just take it little by little and you too can enter the digital age! 😛

Now all I have left is to do, is scan in the kids’ scrapbooks!! I think I’ll take a small break before I adventure into those though! 😀


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