Bottling Butter

Who doesn’t love butter?

I think butter was one of the BEST inventions EVER!! It’s so creamy, yellow, soft, delicious, and beautiful! We couldn’t make cookies, cakes, ice cream, frosting, and so many other wonderfully tasty things!

So when I heard we were going to have an Enrichment Activity to teach us how to bottle butter….well….I had to be there!!! I wouldn’t want to be in the middle of a catastrophe and not have my scrumptious little friend. That really would be a horrible situation indeed! 😛

I love when others impart their wisdom with me, so I will of course share what I learned with you!!

Real butter is of course the Best, but margarine works too.

You will need:

2 pint jars (1/2 pint works too, and may be better so you don’t have to use so much butter at once after you open your jars..for this recipe it refers to 1 pint jars, so adjust your butter needs according to jar size.)8 sticks of butter (2 boxes)

Pan to melt butter

Pan to boil lids



Pan to place jars on in the oven

Heat pint jars in the oven @ 250 degrees for 20 minutes on a pan. (If you put them in before you start your butter they will be done at the same time.) Slowly stir and melt the butter in a pan on medium heat. After it has boiled for 5 minutes, stir “again”, and then pour butter into the hot jars from the oven. (It’s important to give it a last stir before pouring into jars so the butter doesn’t separate.) Leave about 1/2 inch space at the top of the jars. Using a funnel to keep butter off the rims is helpful.

Clean the tops of the jars with a cloth and put on the hot, dry, lids and rings. Tighten securely. Wait 10-15 min. after the lids “plunk”….and begin shaking the jars every few minutes. While still slightly warm, put the jars in the refrigerator. Check every 5 min., shaking the jars each time. Eventually the butter will harden. Leave in refrigerator for 1 more hr.

Bottled butter can store on your shelf for at least 3 years if kept in a cool, dark place!!

I hope this was helpful to you butter lovers out there…I know I’m very excited to add this to my year supply!

Enjoy!! 😀


  • Rachel

    That’s neat. I didn’t know you could (or why you’d want to)…but I guess there may be a need someday…like when we become real farmers and have excess from our many cows. (Greg would love that!)

  • Anonymous

    Rachel.. I guess the best way to explain it is that the LDS church asks us to have a year supply of food. So that we are prepared for adversity and that we can be self-reliant in times of personal or widespread emergency. Such as losing your job, natural or man made disaster ect. But as you pointed out too…just saving your excess for when you are a real farmer is great too! 🙂

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