Eli’s Kindergarten Trip to Schnepf Farm

Eli’s class went to Schnepf Farm today for a field trip. The weather was perfect and the kids were buzzing with excitement!

Eli and his friend Paris. Cheezin it up for the camera!

Eli and Dusty the 40 year old Donkey… He looks like he needs some lovin. Poor old guy!

Now I don’t remember this Holstein’s name, but he was THE BIGGEST cow I’ve ever seen in my life. He had to stand over 6 ft. tall. He was enormous!

Most of us have been to Schnepf Farm before for their Pumpkin and Chili Festival in October. But have you ever been there and picked your own fruits and vegetables?

Yup! You too can go and get your very own locally grown, pesticide free fruits and veg. through out the year. They grow peaches, plums, apricots, corn (fed to animals only), and potatoes for potato chips. That’s right! Po-ta-to Chips….mmmmm! It takes a special kind of spud to make a good chip. It has to have a low sugar content so that it fries up nice and golden brown. Neat fact huh!?! 🙂 They also grow spinach, beets, broccoli, green onions, radishes, you name it! We were lucky enough to give it a try today. It was a lot of FUN!

Eli with his very “baby” broccoli. Most of the veg. was just barely ready to pick. But still fun to do!

I’m thinking in this picture he got “weeds” not vegetables. But he looked so proud. I had to take his picture with his prized possession!

Here he’s getting some radishes….Grandma’s house here we come with your hand picked radishes!

We found our long lost lady bug friend “Cheezy” while on our trip today. He comes to visit us sometimes. It’s always good to catch up over the long breaks with him. (There is a back story as you can tell to Cheezy the Lady Bug…maybe another day for that! 🙂 )
It was a fun day and we learned a lot about the farm. Thanks Eli for sharing it with us!


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