Eli’s Golden Scholar

So proud of Eli making Golden Scholars….again!! This is his 7th year in a row! 🎉👏🎉
I can’t believe he’s going to be a Junior!
Eli is becoming such an amazing young man! He’s smart a whip! His mind just never stops thinking! He’s incredibly quit witted and sometimes that good and sometimes it’s not. We hear a lot of stories about him and his teachers and some of the “discussions” they get into. LOL! Eli is loyal to his friends and family and likes to keep tabs on everyone. He loves to be with people. He thrives in social settings. He is typically the life of the party! 🙂 He’s certainly come out of his shell since elementary school. <3 Eli loves to build and create and use his hands and mind to bring his ideas to life. I’m always amazed by him! Love that boy!!!
 Earning all those good grades is a lot of hard work and creates an appetite! So we treated him to some In-N-Out Burger afterwards! 🙂 
So very proud of you Eli! Congratulations!!!

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