Science Camp

Alayna went to Science camp this week! 

Jared went to Science Camp with Alayna this week. He’s gone with all 3 of the kids now! 🙂 He’s a good dad! <3 
Love her! <3 
I’ll put in a few comments but I’ll mostly let the pictures tell the story. 🙂 
Shelter building. There is a little red & blue Optimus Prime and a green guy is Green Arrow they were making it for. LOL! 
Nicely done!
Alayna is explaining the geocaching-rules. She loves to the be the center of attention! ;P
The little gnome gave directions to the next clues. 
Really pretty up there!

Jared is on the right in the green shirt. Alayna is on his right in a maroon shirt.


Then it was off to do Creek studies on little invertebrates.

Then they hiked over to a waterfall.
 I guess Jared needed to cool down. 🙂

There is a bird up in the top of the tree.. It’s a Woodpecker. 
Boy she’s growing up fast! 
This was a team building exercise. 
Exploding stuff…that’s what she says they were doing anyway! Haha! They were using Alka-seltzer for learning about energy.  
Campfire time!
Sad this is so dark. I need to teach Jared about using his flash. 😛 
From left to right: Emmy, Alayna, Banu, & Chloe
Mrs. Kalen’s class. 
On their way home. They had a great time! Grateful they got to make these memories together. <3 
You can’t really tell from this picture but Jared came home pretty sunburned on his face. He forgot to take sunblock. Oops! 

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