Swim Meet- Backstroke & Freestyle

Alayna had another great night at her swim meet!
Backstroke was first.
So proud of her 2nd place! We know she could have gotten 1st but in practice she banged her head a couple of times and she got a little gun shy at the wall. She turned around too soon and it hurt her time. She’s also been practicing at a different pool and the flags aren’t placed the same distance. But 2nd place is still really awesome!!!! 
She used to hate backstroke but I think she’s beginning to love it now!
Freestyle was next. 
4th place for freestyle!
Gotta love the goggle marks on her forehead…LOL! 😛
Freestyle is a tougher race just because everyone practices it the most and eventually just get better at it. This year she’s in a higher age bracket and that’s she’s still coming so high in her races is awesome! 

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