Texas Family Reunion- They’re HOME!!!!

Saturday morning the family got up bright and early and headed for the airport! I couldn’t wait to see them! I missed them so much!!!
Sammy is good company and all but I really missed my family! <3
They’re on their way!
 Well that didn’t take long! LOL!!! They got up pretty early and they had such a whirlwind week…I guess she deserves a little nap! What cutie! 🙂
When I picked them up at the airport I couldn’t squeeze them tight enough! I was having a hard time choking back the tears! I’m so grateful for my little family!!! They are my world! <3 
We came back by the house to drop off luggage and potty breaks and then Eli was STARVING to death so we went to one of our favorite places to eat….Rigatony’s. 
THEY’RE HOME!!!!!!! I just love these people! 
After lunch we went to see Moana. Alayna and I agreed it was better than the rough cut version we saw a few months back. The music in it was great and so catchy! We’ve all been singing them! 🙂 
Counting my blessings this Thanksgiving. First on my list is a happy healthy family! God is good!

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