Happy New Year & The 3rd Annual Polar Bear Club!

Happy New Years! The Polar Bear Club looks forward to this day all year long. This year was their 3rd annual meeting. Numbers have declined this year. Only the bravest of the brave were in attendance!!!
They are one tough crew!! 😛
Alayna was up 1st!!!!
She tried to swim out as fast as she could! LOL! She said, “It’s soooo cold! It burns!!!!!” Hahaha!!!
Jared was up next!! 😀
The faces he makes crack me up!!! It looks PAINFUL!! 😛
Their faces!!!! Hahahaha!!! They are so cute!!!
The water was a little warmer this year. It was a whopping 47 degrees! BRRRRRR!!!!!!
All that action worked up our appetites and we went out to Red Robin for lunch! We had a lot of root beer floats and gingerbread milkshakes! Yummm!!!
Happy New Year!! Hope it’s a great one for you and your families!

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