Mission Countdown

I have been looking for months for a missionary countdown that I could display in our home. I’ve looked all over at Deseret Book and online and Etsy. None of the ones I saw out there were what I wanted. 
Yesterday, I asked Jared if he could help me take ideas from several places and put it into one. It was no small feat!! He spent hours and hours on it! Who knew getting the correct size and amount of circles to fit into a shape would be so hard! Geometry hurts my brain! LOL!
It was a labor of love and I have to tell you I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!!!!
It turned out even better than I had imagined! Jared is a rock star! 
Walker leaves in ONE week from today!!! 
It’s definitely getting real and I’m feeling ALL the nerves!! My stomach is in knots when I think about him leaving. Not that I don’t want him to go. I absolutely know this is the right thing for him and I’m so completely and utterly proud of his decision to go out and serve the Lord and His children. But it’s hard to say good-bye to your baby boy. I’m going to miss him like crazy!!!!
Being able to see that each circle marked off is one week closer to him coming home will help me handle the time we are apart a little better…..I hope! LOL!! 

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