Totally Wicked!

We took the family to see Wicked last night. Jared and I saw it years ago in New York. It was SO good. We loved it! We’ve been trying to do a fun family activity each month before Walker leaves and when I saw that it was coming to town I was so excited to take the kids!
Before the show, we went to dinner at Macayo’s. It’s our favorite Mexican food place. Then we headed over to Gammage in Tempe.
The show was great! Alayna LOVED it and the boys thought it was really good too. It is more of a “girly” show but it had lots of humor and that kept the boys attention! I’m grateful we can do these things together and make these memories. Growing up I never saw a musical with my family. I love being able to expose my kids to different art forms. I personally love musicals. I know it’s not everyone’s cup of tea but having the opportunity to go and experience it at least once is important. It helps you to be more well rounded as a person. 🙂 

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