Family Temple Day!

Family Temple Day! 💒 
It’s not easy finding a day that works with everyone’s schedules to go to the temple as a family. But we made a commitment to go together once a month this year and we are doing our best. We thought after school would be a good time but apparently we were wrong. We got to the temple and the wait for the Baptistery was 1.5 hrs! Alayna had to be home in less time than that to be at her new babysitting job and Jared and I had dinner plans we couldn’t be late for. So we improvised! 
Eli was asked to give a talk on Sunday so he gave us a great devotional from his talk and we finished off the outing with a little Menchie’s frozen yogurt. 🍨 
Sometimes it’s the intentions of our hearts and effort that count more than what we actually set out to do. <3 

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