EVJ Tournament

 Alayna had her 1st Club Tournament today. We all got up early and arrived at 7:15am. The last game finished up at 2:30pm, 
It was a new experience for all of us. The place was packed with girls and their families. We tired to soak it all in and learn as much as possible. 
Alayna’s team played well. They won their first game, lost the second, and the third went to the 3rd match where they played hard. The team they went up against hadn’t lost a single match/game all day. Unfortunately, in the end our team lost the last match. I was so proud of the girls for giving it their best! 
It’s nice having your friend on your team! 

When the girls weren’t playing they were reffing. Alayna was 1 of the only 4 girls that went to the scoring/reffing clinic so she got to help out. 🙂 
I love that she is always cheering on her team and encouraging them! 
This was my favorite shot of the day! She’s really going after it! Look at those toes! LOL! 
Playing a team sport is so good for girls. It teaches them a lot about working together and building female relationships that are soooo important. It teaches them about trying to improve not only physically but emotionally. They learn to overcome obstacles and set goals. They learn that everyone has things to work on and that doesn’t mean you are “bad” or a “failure”, it just means you are improving yourself. It teaches them to work through differences and builds confidence. I’m looking forward to the rest of the season! 

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