Miss Smarty Pants

This amazing girl came home with some pretty EXCITING news!!! She came home from school and was bursting to tell us that she made into ALP! 
This has been a goal of hers since 3rd grade. Her brothers qualified when they were in elementary school and she wanted to keep up with them of course! 😛 
She’s such a hard worker and sets high goals for herself all the time. She never shies away from a challenge to better herself. It really is a gift she embodies! 
We couldn’t be more proud! 
When she initially told us she said she only qualified for math. After speaking with the ALP Teacher she said she’d like to try her on a probationary status in her ELA (English Language Arts) class as well. She said one of her scores was high enough and the other one was pretty close, so why not give her a shot! 
This made Alayna year! LOL!!! 
The following week I received this email from the ALP Teacher: 
“I have visited with Alayna and told her that she will be with me for both math and ELA. I’m confident that Alayna will be successful in both my ALP blocks. I’m still getting to know her, but I see she has a strong desire to learn and works very hard. I’m happy she is “all aboard” with me.”
Congratulations Sweetie!!! You are incredible! <3 

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