Harry Potter- Phoenix Symphony

A few months ago I saw that the Phoenix Symphony was going to be performing all of the music from  Harry Potter-  “Sorcerer’s Stone” book. Alayna is a HUGE fan of Harry Potter. It was going to be a mom, dad, daughter date! 
However, we scheduled Walker’s surgery the same weekend and I totally spaced it. So….Jared took Alayna and she invited her best friend Emmy to go. Honestly, I think they had more fun without me! LOL!! They are both in orchestra at school too, so that made it even cooler. Alayna started playing the cello this year and Emmy plays the violin.
Jared took them for a fancy Wendy’s lunch before the performance. He really knows how to treat the ladies. 😛 
Getting out all the ‘sass’ before the show! 😛
They played the entire movie while the symphony played. Jared said it was hard not to get drawn into the movie and you’d forget to watch the orchestra. I think that would be hard. But I also think it’s a great way to “ease” children into loving music. They are also way better at multitasking than we are. 🙂
Jared’s spoiled them by buying them Burtie and Botts Every Flavored Beans. I’m not sure if that was nice or mean!?! Eating vomit flavored jelly beans doesn’t sound like something you would do for someone you like! LOL!!! He also let them get a Slitherin scarf. 
All ready for the concert to begin!
 And of  course some horsing around before heading home. 
They came home laughing their heads off. They had the best time. They loved the music and the entire day! So grateful they were able to go and make these fun memories!!

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