Refrigerator Pickles

I recently had several pounds of cucumbers stashed in the fridge. They needed to get eaten and fast. Jared has a slight obsession and goal in life to make his own pickles. 
He loves pickles…and he’s passed down that little addiction to Alayna. 😛 
He wants to grow the vegetables, pick them, pickle them and brine them in oaken barrels…LOL! Don’t ask me why, but it’s been a life dream of his! 😛 
Since I had so many cucumbers it got his eyes wide and heart set on trying to make some refrigerator pickles. He recruited his little partner in crime, Alayna and they went to town! 
They’ve never tried making them before. None of us have ever had them before either. We were all a little unsure how this would turn out. 
But to our utter delight…these puppies turned out to be AMAZING, crunchy, little slices of crack!!! We couldn’t stop eating them! They were crazy good!!!!
We ate them in a day….now we are trying to get our hands on as many cucumbers as we can! 😛 

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