Gettin’ Old…

Last year’s health scare had multiple layers to it. One of the biggest issues was my heart rate and blood pressure plummeted and the doctors were fruitless with their attempts at getting it back up. 
I of course eventually was released, but had to follow up with a cardiologist to make sure things were continuing to progress in the right direction and there weren’t any further complications. 
Last week I had my 1 year follow up with repeat ultrasound and Holter monitor tests. 
They aren’t my favorite. I dislike wearing those sticky patches…let me rephrase…I really dislike when they rip them off when you are done!!! LOL! 
So I guess my official diagnosis is that I have bradycardia. Which is a fancy word for abnormally slow heart rate. Most people’s hearts beat 60 times in a minute. Mine doesn’t do that. My blood pressure is still low…98/67. However, it’s not the worst and I’m not having swelling in my legs or other indications that it’s heart failure. Some people just have lower numbers. 
He said everything on the ultrasound looked good. The fluid around the heart that was there last year is imperceptible this year. My PVC’s during the time of the Holter test were significantly lower than last year. I attribute that to my more stable state of health and mind now. 
He told me I looked pretty good but wants me to maybe lose a few pounds and get more exercise. Not my favorite thing to hear…hahaha!!! But I’m sure he tells all of his patients that…he is a heart dr. after all! 😛 

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