Pinkie Pie

Alayna has been begging to dye her hair pink. We finally did it! 
1st you have to bleach out the hair so the color will show up. 
I kind of liked it just like this! 😛 She hated it though..LOL!!
Then somehow we didn’t take a pic of the finished product. 🙁 I’m not sure what happened. But just use your imagination that the pink in her hair was about 100 times brighter and bolder than it is in the pics below. Swimming in chlorine everyday really pulls the color out fast! This is what it looks like now after almost 2 weeks! I really wish you could see the difference in it. It was really cool looking! 😛 
The entire swatch of hair was dyed an awesome shade of  pink!!! Now it looks like just the top by her roots have a faded version of it left. 
It was fun to try and she loves expressing herself! 😛 

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