EFY Recap

Walker had a BLAST at EFY!!! 
They stayed busy with classes, social events, dances, games, hanging out and making new friends. 
Being the mom of a boy you don’t get a lot of details…but…he did share some of the pictures with me. 😛 
One of the guys from his company was getting cash from the ATM and Walker was trying not to look at his PIN number. But it really looks like something shady is going down! LOL!!! 
This picture cracks….me…up!!!! LOL!!! They were being super sexy models! hahaha!
This was a goofy pic they took with everyone in their company which they called themselves “Pursuers of Happiness”. 
The girl in the wheelchair broke her foot the 2nd day there. She was a trooper and chose to stay! 
He said he was glad he got to go. He really had a great time and got to meet some really cool people!! Grateful we were able to send him! 🙂

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