EFY- Meteor Crater- Lowell Observatory

On Saturday we drove up to Flagstaff! 
We were going up to NAU (Northern Arizona University) to drop Walker and Chase off at EFY (Especially For Youth).  
This is Walker’s first time going to EFY. He was stoked to go! 
 I guess Alayna got a little cold in the car and put her jacket on…….her legs!!! LOL!
We grabbed lunch at Cafe Rio and then headed over to the campus. The boys got checked in and got their room assignments. 
No air conditioning in the dorms! Yikes! I hope they can stay cool with the small fan we brought!
 They got settled in and unpacked and then it was time to say good-bye!
These boys have been friends since they were babies! <3
It’s hard to see but we were trying to capture their awesome view….a cemetery! Yikes! 

The view out this window is much better! 🙂  

We got a family selfie, hugged that young man good-bye, and told him to not forget about us! LOL!
 As we walked away Jared turns to me and says, “This could be for real next year.” Ugh! Why does he have to remind me?!? 😛 
After we left the school we decided to head over to Winslow and take Alayna to see Meteor Crater. She’s never been and it’s a cool touristy thing to do. 🙂 
It never ceases to amaze me the impact this meteor had. It was really booking through space!

It definitely was hot there! We took a guided tour which was worth it, but it was sweltering!
Impressive huh?!? We needed a wide angel lens to get the full scope of this hole in the ground! 😛 
We got a few souvenirs and then headed back to Flagstaff to go to the Lowell Observatory. Alayna hasn’t ever been there either. 

As we drove, the sky started getting darker and darker and we hit the jackpot with a nice little rain shower! It was divine!!!!!!!! The temps cooled off dramatically, the smell of the rain was amazing, the pine trees were heavenly, and people had campfires burning and I thought I was the luckiest girl in the world! It was peace and serenity to my soul!!!! I wish I could bottle it up! <3 

We took in a few classes and walked the beautiful grounds. We wished we could have stayed later so we could look through the telescope but we had to get home…life was calling us the next day.

They also had this cool interactive kids area where they could rank up and earn badges for answering different questions right about space. They got a little I.D. card, they get to choose their “space name”. They scan it at each station and in the end they get a photo of themselves with all their rankings and points. 

 It was a soul filling, fun, and wonderful day! We don’t get to get away too often and just with our little girl. It was such a blessing!!!

Today I realized that yesterday, June 19th, was our 18 year Sealing Anniversary in the Mt. Timpanogas Temple. We celebrated the day perfectly…even though we had forgotten! LOL! 

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