Girls Weekend!!

Every year the boys go camping at the Father and Son’s Campout and that leaves Alayna and I home to play and paint the town red together!!! 🙂
However, this year the boys’ friends had a bunch of conflicts and so the turnout was going to be low this year. They decided to stay home instead and do some bonding here at home. Saturday night we found out it was probably a good thing they didn’t go…it ended up snowing and everyone was miserably cold!!! Yikes! 
Friday night we went to dinner at Texas Roadhouse. She wanted STEAK! 🙂 That girl loves her beef! LOL! Then we went to see “Born in China”. 
But before we could do that, she had to get herself a “large” Icee first! LOL! I don’t know where she put it all! 😛 She must have a hollow leg! 
The move was a nature type film that follows pandas, snow leopards, & golden monkeys. The movie was so cute and had GORGEOUS views of landscapes. The message at the end was beautiful as it talked about how when we die we aren’t really gone. I teared up! <3 Alayna was cracking up through out the show and we left feeling like we spent a wonderful night together! 🙂 

Saturday we got Bosa donuts and lazed around the house for a while. She was craving a spicy chicken sandwich from Wendy’s so we rand over there for lunch on our way to JoAnn’s and Big Lots. We had an idea we cooked up and needed to gather up the supplies!!! 🙂 
We got home and started working on our project. We were glad Jared was home after all because we needed a little muscle to help us out. 😛 

Moving dirt is hard work!! 😛 
Her expression is so funny! 🙂 
 I love Jared’s smile! 😀 
It was actually dark by the time we finished everything. It was too dark to take pictures so we decided we’d wait until the morning for good light. We went to dinner at Panda Express, her choice again! ;P I think we like to eat!!! LOL!!!
So here is the BIG REVEAL…..DRUM ROLL……
We made a Fairy Garden!!!!!!!!!
We had a BLAST doing this project. It was so much fun looking at all of the different tiny tiny things we could choose from to make it just the way we wanted it! We spend a good couple of ours at the store actually! Hahaha! We just had such a hard time choosing! Tiny things are so adorable!  
I let her plan the whole thing out. She chose the figures and where to place everything. I think it turned out cuter than I had even imagined! Alayna is so creative! 
This weekend was so much fun! I love spending time with my girl. These weekends are a real treat!!! We talked, shopped, shared, giggled, and stuffed ourselves silly! 😛 The weather this weekend was the cherry on top! It was absolutely  GORGEOUS!!!
We can’t wait to do it again soon! The boys are for reals going on a trip in June for a week. The Scouts are planning a River Trip and Jared gets to tag along. It’s pretty awesome! 
So I’m already gathering ideas of what Alayna and I can do for a whole week!!! It should be great! 🙂  

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