Birthday Celebrations Never End!

Turning 10 is a big deal…I guess you get to celebrate for at least a week! LOL!! 
Today is Alayna’s actual birthday and she wanted mexican food for lunch. I couldn’t say no to that precious face…especially since it sounded pretty awesome to me too! 😛 We took her to Macayo’s and ate our fill and then some! 🙂 
They give you a free dessert on your bday. It’s a soppapilla . One of the more sad ones I’ve ever seen! They didn’t even put honey on it! 😛 Thankfully we all ordered flan and fried ice cream too! I told you we ate our fill! 
The kids in true kid fashion thought it looked like butt cheeks so we had to capture it of course! Happy buttday Alayna!!!! 😛 Hahaha!! 

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