Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!!! 
Alayna’s class had their Halloween Party at school on Friday.
I love that her teacher sends so many pictures from all the things they do! <3
I especially loved this!!! How cute is that!?! LOL!!
It looks like they had a great party!!! 😀
Later that night we had our Ward’s Trunk-or-Treat!
Walker was home not feeling well. Eli is too cool for pictures and he was busy running one of the booths so I didn’t get one of him either. But Alayna and her girlfriends had a blast! 
Sunday these two cuties carved the pumpkin!
Alayna made the design. Eli cut it out. 
I think it turned out pretty great!! 😀 
 Alayna could hardly wait to make toasted pumpkin seeds. I think she was more excited about that than carving the pumpkin! LOL!!
I usually do it by myself every year. This year she wanted to help. She actually did 99% of it herself! It was awesome! Separating the guts from the seeds takes a long time. I was happy for some help! 😀
 Finished product!!! She was in HEAVEN!! They actually turned out fantastic! She did a wonderful job! 
It’s nice that the kids are getting older and able to help out and we can do some of the traditions together! 🙂
Halloween night Eli went out with his “Group” as he calls them. Walker was still home sick. And Alayna went out with Jared and me. She wasn’t having too great of a time. Mom and Dad are lame!!! LOL!!!
 None of her friends could come with us so it was a bummer. Towards the end of the night we were able to meet up with some friends from church though and she ended up having a good time. It’s hard when you’re the youngest and the older siblings are outgrowing some of these things. Next year we will get a good plan in place so she can have a fun night! 🙂

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