Big Decision!!!!

Hair seems to be a constant struggle with this one! We have the hardest time with the tangles and dryness that is innate with curly hair. Last week we just couldn’t seem to control the beast any longer so Saturday we went for a haircut. 
I was thinking we’d cut a few inches but on the way there Alayna decided she wanted it short…really short! As we talked with the stylist he showed her the different lengths ans she decided to go a little longer than she was planning but still much shorter than I was thinking!! LOL!!
He cut 10 inches off!!! That first cut was serious! LOL! I couldn’t believe she was really doing it! 😛
But she reminded me she know what she likes and once she decides she doesn’t change her mind! 😛
I think it turned out so cute!!! (Her hair is still wet in the after pic so it doesn’t look exactly the way it will when it dries.) I’m grateful for a confident girl who knows her own mind and isn’t afraid to be herself! She was so excited about her new look and told me she feels so fresh! 🙂
Yay for no more tangles and tear-filled mornings! 😀

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