Perfect Timing In All Things

 As I have been recovering from my illness, physically I’m doing much better. I feel stronger each day. However, the emotional part has been very difficult. I’ve struggled with anxiety on and off throughout my life. With this trial it has definitely been at it’s peak. 
My very dear friend at Christmas last year gave me a weekly scripture calendar. She’s amazing and I’m sure she had no idea how much this gift would come to mean to me. I read my scriptures daily and I gain so much comfort and help from them. However, I have noticed that this calendar she gave me seems to always give me just what I need each week. If only I believed in coincidences!! 😛
 The following scriptures have given me even more support and personal testimony to me of how aware my Heavenly Father is aware of me! 
Each day I feel like I’m being strengthened. It’s something that will take time. I’m so thankful I have the Gospel in my life and a loving Savior who knows how to comfort me through everything! <3

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