NControl Driving School

We’ve been teaching Walker to drive for almost a year now. Even though he only got his permit during Spring Break. It’s been a little nerve wracking to say the least. I don’t know if it’s because we are first time parents of a driver or what? LOL!
We decided a few weeks ago we needed to call in a professional with nerves of steel. We have had several families recommend NControl Driving School. They are NOT cheap! But they have cars equipped with a second set of brakes, training, and many, many hours of experience teaching teens to drive! They have it set up in 4 two hour sessions. The last session they take the kids out to a skid car and teach them how to regain control of a car that is out of control. It gives them real world hands on experience for what you hope they never have to experience but if they ever do, they will know what to do! The owner of the company is actually an ex-Nascar driver! 🙂
Thursday was his 1st session. Jared went with them to brush up on traffic laws and to learn how the instructors teach so that we can keep continuity when we take him out ourselves. 🙂 
At the end of the session the instructor gives us “homework”. 😛 Just after one session we have seen that our money is being well spent. If this helps him to gain confidence and saves his life money is really no object! 🙂 Now we need to get him in the car for at least 4 hours a week before his next session! Pray for us!!! hahahaha!!!!!

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