Swim Meet- Freestyle 50 & Relay

Alayna had her 1st swim meet last night! She was super excited!!!
She swam the 50 freestyle and then the 50 relay! 🙂
She the blurry one all the way to the right! 😛 I forgot my good camera…sorry…
She placed 8th….last place. It was really tough for her to not be upset. She pretty competative. We reassured her that this year is a little different than last year. She’s one of the youngest swimmers, instead of the oldest in her age group and she’s swimming 50’s not 25’s. If she keeps practicing she will get better and better. She wiped away the tears and she let me take this picture of her. I was very proud of her maturity and good sportsmanship! 😀
Her next race was a relay!
She’s in the far left lane. 🙂
Her team placed 2nd!!! They did great!!!
It also helped take some of the sting out of her first race. LOL!!
I love that she enjoys swimming so much. We love going to watch her compete! I can’t wait to see how she does next week! 😀

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