No Swimming Allowed!

Sunday morning I was getting ready for church and I hear quacking outside. I’m thinking, “What on earth is that???” I look outside and we have two ducks enjoying the pool!!!
I look at our dog Sammy and wonder,”Do you not see we have ducks? Why are you just siting there? You bark at everything and nothing constantly…sometimes just the wind!!! We have ducks out there pooping in our pool and leaving feathers everywhere and you are just relaxing on the couch???? You are killing me dog!!!”
So I had to do his job for him and run outside flapping my arms like a dork and yelling, “SHOOO!!!!”
They left and I hope they don’t return. I’ve heard once they like your pool they don’t go away easily. I don’t want that mess. I need a better dog! LOL!!!!!

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