Student of the Week!

Alayna is Student of the Week this week in her class! 🙂 Usually the teachers send home a pre-formatted poster the kids fill in and add pictures to. This year her teacher has left it up the the kids to make a poster however they want. 
Let me preface this with some background. 
1. Alayna let me know Sunday night…yes…Sunday night, that she needed this poster done by Monday morning!! KIDS! 😛
2. She didn’t want any help. She wanted to do it all herself. 
3. My OCD was REALLY hard to keep in check while I watched her put this together!!! LOL!!!
4. She absolutely LOVED how it turned out and she was so proud of herself and really that’s all that matters!!! <3 <3
There you have it! “All About Alayna”! 😀 Great job sweetie!!!

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