Triathlon Training

It’s that time of year again! Walker and the Teacher’s Quorum are beginning to train for their triathlon in April. 
I volunteered to help record the boys times so we all got up bright and early this morning!
Maybe a little too early for some…LOL!!!
Bro. O’ Loughlin is one of the Young Men leaders. He’s in his 70’s and in better shape than all of us!!! In fact he just qualified for the Boston Marathon! Crazy!!!
Here he’s going over the route for the boys so they know how many laps of biking and running they need. They can’t really practice swimming yet because it’s too cold. But he had them do a bunch of jumping jacks to simulate it. 😛
Walker found last year that he loves mountain biking! We are so glad he’s found something he enjoys outdoors. 🙂 
Things got crazy with writing all the times down I didn’t get any pics of him running. 
About an hour later we were done and everyone stretched out. Boy they were a bunch of sweaty guys!! LOL!!! It was fun to cheer them on!!!
Bro. O’ is a beast! He started much later than everyone and he still came in 2nd! He showed those boys!! LOL!!!
Next week they have their Mountain Man Rendezvoux Camp and this coming week and then they will pick up their training again. Should be fun!!!

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