Praying for Answers

 Eli has been having severe stomach pain since the beginning of January. We’ve been to several doctor appointments, hes had an x-ray and every lab test under the sun completed, and everything keeps coming back “normal”.  With the exception of the x-ray. That did show he had a blockage and they put him on Miralax to help him with that and with the prep of today we are certain he’s clean as whistle! LOL! 
The Pediatrician finally decided she was at the end of what she could do for him so she referred us to a GI Specialist. Miraculously, she was able to get us in that same week! Specialist usually are so booked it takes months to get in to see them. After our appointment with the Specialist she determined we needed to get a better look so she ordered an endoscopy/colonoscopy. Again she had a cancellation and was able to get us in on Monday…today! Which happens to be Leap Day! 😛  Tender mercies all around! God is good!!!
Eli had to do some prepping the day before and he was pretty hungry/thirsty by 9am when he was scheduled to go in. He also has never had an I.V. before and he has a crazy phobia of needles so this was really tough for him. He was pretty anxious, nervous, scared, you name it. I kept reassuring him it was going to be ok. They give laughing gas well before the I.V. goes in and you won’t even notice it. But somethings you have to experience before you believe mom, the nurses, doctor, and the anesthesiologist!!! LOL!!!
This is how he felt about the whole thing!!!
The nerves didn’t get much better once he was changed and in the hospital bed…. Look at that face…:(
It was time to go back and get to the bottom of this…no pun intended…LOL!!! Ok maybe a little intended…Hahaha!
This is him coming out of the anesthesia in recovery. He was pretty out of it. He was in a lot of pain from the air they pump in but he did a great job. 
Once he was alert enough they allowed him to have some apple juice. His mouth was like the Sahara Desert and he said the apple juice was like nectar from the Gods! It was the BEST apple juice he’s ever had in his life!!! LOL!!
He sucked that thing down in seconds! 😛
The doctor came in and met with us and went over some preliminary results. She said that his intestines looked good. She didn’t see any abnormalities but the biopsies will be back in a day or two and we’ll know more then.
Then it was time to get dressed and get out of that place! But not without letting him choose a stuffed animal for being a good patient! He picked that bear for Alayna! What an AWESOME big brother! Even when he’s sick he thinks of his little sister! <3
The nurse gave us instructions to take it easy for lunch since his belly just went through quite an ordeal the past day or so. So we decided to hit Sonic for a healthy Strawberry Cheesecake Milkshake! 😛
I think he was happy to finally eat! He was ravenous!
Jared has been out of town since last Tuesday and doesn’t come home until tomorrow. It’s made for a very long and stressful week. We’ve missed him a lot. He has a way of helping us all stay calm when things get crazy. Eli wanted a big juicy cheeseburger for dinner so we went to Red Robin. It’s our favorite place! We sent this pic to Jared telling him we miss him and wish he was here with us!!!
I’ll keep you posted on all the results.

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