“Pushing Her Limits”

Alayna had her 3rd swim meet last night. She had been in the pool all day. She went to practice that morning, turned around and went to her friend’s swim birthday party for 4 hours, had an hour to eat and go back out to her meet!! Whew!
When I picked her up from her friend’s party she was exhausted, a little fussy, and not sure if she was up for the swim meet. I admit, I was on the fence if we should go, not only because she was really tired, but because it was 115 degrees outside! 😛 It’s HOT sitting on those bleachers…LOL!
We got her some food to put in her belly, let her relax for a bit and then she said, ” I think I want to go. I want to see if I can push my limits!” My heart melted…..I couldn’t argue with that!!!!! And just like that her attitude changed and she was ready to take on the world! 😛 This girl amazes me! 
So we packed up water bottles, our cooling towels, squirt bottles, everything we needed to stay as cool as we could as we cheered our Laney on! 😀
The 1st race was butterfly. She told us all week it wasn’t her favorite, she wasn’t all that good at it, she didn’t know how well she was going to do. Well…..
Look at that determination!
She got 4th place!!!!! 
Not too shabby for it not being her favorite!!! She was so thrilled and we were too!!
The 2nd race was the breaststroke. She competed in the breaststroke last week and placed 2nd. It’s quickly become her favorite stroke. 
I love seeing her cute little face pop up out of the water! 😀
“Pushing it to her limits!!!”
1st place!!!!!!!!!!
She was over the moon ecstatic over getting 1st! She was jumping up and down! We were all jumping up and down! She rocked it!!!
Way to go Alayna! What a great lesson in determination and reaching ones goals you have shown us! Love you…our little mermaid! 😀

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